A full-length evening, comprised of 8 short plays.

A drama. ALL-FEMALE.

Roles may be played by actresses in their teens, 20’s or 30’s. (16F, or doubling.)

60 Minutes. Intermission (optional).



Girls grapple with the onset of their developing breasts (Bubbs), while a young girl who is not sure whether or not she has received her  period, wrestles with the idea that she might be pregnant (Red). A teen attempts to insert a tampon for the first time (Pains), while girls explore their same-sex feelings for each other (Breathe). Two girls weigh the pros/cons of oral sex (The Gesture), while another rejects peer pressure, and asserts her individuality (Split Ends). Friends learn that “appearance” does not equal “reality” (By Looking), while acquaintances wait for their tortured Beckett-like existence to end (Sooner).



This complete Acting Edition includes sexual content, and is intended for a mature teen and adult audience.


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From Goodreads Readers

(Rhonda Siserir, College Psychology Instructor, TN)  – This book of short plays/scenes gives us a glimpse into the life of teenage girls from different societal clicks. From cheerleaders to tramps to Goth’s we look into the issues that drive them. At first glance, the common issue seems to be sexuality. However, the real issue is one of identity. The girls are all trying to discover who they are. This goes well with Eriksons Theory of Psychosocial Development. The Stage “Identity vs Role Diffusion” is excellently portrayed in these plays.

I believe the book would be a great conversation starter for parents or teachers. I can visualize watching the plays and asking students questions about how the actresses portrayed teens today.  It could also be used in gender related classes.

I gave it 5 stars because it was written in the vernacular of today’s teen and touched upon issues which are not usually discussed.  It is definitely something that parents of teen girls should read and discuss with their teens. 



(Michelle) – Of the eight short plays in this collection, THE GESTURE and BY LOOKING provided some great options for scene work. Both of these scenes relied on two female characters observing other teens and reacting to them.  The dialogue in both made the off-stage characters’ presence and opinions very important and had an essence of the schoolyard melodrama that plays out when you are young and still struggling to decide who you are versus who you are trying to be.  They would be good selections to use for partner work or when auditioning for contests like the Irene Ryan Awards.